How to Get Thick Eyebrows with Hair Dye?

How to Make Eyebrows Thicker with Hair Dye?

Makeup Tips for Dark Eyebrows

Dying is a simple option to darken your eyebrows in the quickest possible time. If you want to get thick eyebrows with hair dye, just follow the steps to make it simple yet elegant.
Use Hair Dye
Step 1: Choose a dye color that is slightly lighter than your skin color. Else, choose the color that you have applied for your hair. Never choose a color, that is darker than your eyebrows.
Step 2: Make sure that it doesn't get into eyes. If so, thoroughly rinse it with water. If irritation continues, don't apply further.
Step 3: Remove all your other make-ups completely while doing it for eyebrows.
Step 4: Before starting your makeup, wash your face with the soap and dry it out with the towel.
Step 5: Comb your eyebrows using mascara wand, starting from the side closest to the nose, outwards your eyes.
Step 6: Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to protect skin from the dye strains.
Step 7: Look into the mirror and carefully apply dye using the eyebrow brush.
Step 8: Start applying from the thickest or densest part. Apply in even layers.
Step 9: Leave it to dry for 15 minutes.
Step 10: Now use a Q-tip to clean the edges and all around the eyebrows to avoid straining of dye in your skin.
Step 11: Use the warm water to clean the dye in the outer space of your eyebrows.

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