Make Euro Sign on PC

How do you make Euro sign / symbol on PC using keyboard?

How to Type Euro Symbol using Keyboard?

Euro refers to the symbol of Euro, which is the official currency of the countries in Eurozone or Eurpean Union. International code for the Euro is EUR. By default, many keyboard doesnt have euro symbol outside the European union. Thus in practical usage, many people find it difficult to type the euro symbol in the documents, emails, notepad. Here is the symbol keyboard shortcut to use Euro symbol.

Listed here the keyboard layouts for different countries to enter the Euro symbol.
UK - AltGr+4 or Ctrl+Alt+4
US - AltGr+5 or Ctrl+Alt+5
Microsoft Word in United States - Ctrl+Alt+e
Microsoft Windows - Alt+0128
Chrome OS - Ctrl+⇧ Shift+ u followed by 20ac
Vim text editor - Ctrl+k followed by =e
Keyboard Shortcut To Type Euro Symbol
For example, In Microsoft windows, hold ALT key and press 0128. Make Euro Sign

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