How to Make Homemade Dumbbells Using Paint Cans?

How to make homemade dumbbells using paint cans?

Making Homemade Dumbbells Using Paint Cans

Paint cans are perfect homemade dumbbells. They are readymade dumbbells which can be used as such. These kind of dumbbells are used for heavy weightlifting exercises. Let us learn here how to make homemade dumbbells using paint cans.
How To Make Dumbbells Using Paint Cans
Step 1: Take two paint cans which weighs equal.
Step 2: Either use new cans already filled with paints or fill the empty cans with water or sand or pebbles or any other concrete items.
Step 3: Your homemade dumbbells are ready.
Step 4: Hold paint cans in your hands by their handles. The handles allow you to use the cans like dumbbells.

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