How to Make Homemade Dumbbells Using Canned Goods?

How to make homemade dumbbells using canned goods?

Making Homemade Dumbbells Using Canned Goods

Canned goods are food items that comes in a canned metal container. Canned goods comes in a typical cylindrical shaped contained. Making homemade dumbbells using canned goods are very simple. All you need is two empty cylindrical canned metal container. Sand, pebbles or other related concrete items to fill the metal container. Let us learn here how to make homemade dumbbells using empty canned goods.
How To Make Dumbbells Using Canned Goods
Step 1: Take two empty canned goods which are in cylindrical shape.
Step 2: Fill the empty metal cans with water or sand or pebbles or any other concrete items. Close the container with the lid.
Step 3: Your homemade dumbbells are ready.
Step 4: Canned goods perfectly fit into your hands and works well as simple hand weights. This type of dumbbells are useful for building muscles slowly in your startups.

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