How to Make Dippy Eggs

Short cooking tutorial on how to make dippy eggs. Learn here how to make soft boiled egg with simple procedure.

How to Make Soft Boiled Egg

Egg is the most preferred breakfast food. It would taste great when served as soft boiled egg. A perfect dippy egg would have firm whites and runny yolk. You can make this dippy eggs as a side dish for the toast, soy sauce, or your favorite breakfast sides. It would serve you enough protein to keep you active and energetic for the rest of the day. It is quite simpler in making though seems little tricker then making hard eggs. Learn how to make dippy eggs from this step by step tutorial.
How To Make Dippy Eggs
Ingredients Required
Egg - 2
Water to boil
Dippy Eggs Ingredients Required
How To Make Dippy Eggs?
Step 1:
Take an egg and prick the larger end using a small pin. Make sure you are piercing it not deep inside which may make the white to leak out of egg. We prick here to gently peel the egg at the end of the process.
Step 2: Put 2 eggs inside the cold water. Make sure the water covers the eggs by 1-inch. Depending upon the number of eggs you are going to prepare, you can use the smaller or larger saucepan.
Step 3: Bring the egg to boil. Set your stove on medium flame and leave it to boil covering a lid. Turn off the stove once the water begin to leave bubbles.
Note: If you are using two eggs, three to four minutes was quite enough to make a runny yolk. You can leave upto seven minutes to get a spoonable yolk.
Step 4: You need to set timer to get the consistent soft eggs as how you expect. Tune your timer to less than five minutes to get runny, thick yolk and set white.

How to Serve Soft Boiled Egg?

Bring the boiled egg to sit on an egg cup. If you dont have egg cup, you can still use shot glass, small bowl, or tea cup. Use the knife and gently tap the egg around throughout the top. Take off the top portion and use a spoon to scoop out the soft dippy eggs. Serve it hot while its runny along with a toast.

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