How To Make Columns In Google Docs?

How to Create Column Layout in Google Document?

Google Document Columns Creation

Google Docs is an online open document with which one could easily create, edit, documents from your computer, phone or tablet. The stuff works with or without an internet connection. With Google docs where one can work on the same document the same time. Simple and easy to use.

This is a short tutorial that explains you on how to make columns in Google docs with pictures.
Step 1:
Open a new blank Google Document File.
Untitled Google Document
Step 2: Go to Table → Insert Table and select the number of rows and columns to be inserted inside the document. Here I have chosen 2x2 table (A table with two rows and two columns).
Insert Table
Step 3: 2x2 table has been inserted into the document file as shown here.
2x2 Table Inserted
Step 4: Fill the table with the required content as shown.
Sample Table Content
Step 5: Right Click on the Table → Select Table Properties
Right Click For Table Properties
Step 6: Table Properties dialog box opens. Choose the border color as white as shown in the below picture.
Select White Border
Step 7: Click on Ok button on the Table Properties dialog box.
Click Ok
Step 8: Thats it now you have created your Google document in column layout.
Column Created In Google Docs
The only way to create or make column layout in Google docs is to use the table feature and eliminate the borders as explained above.

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