How to Make Christmas Snowflake

How do you make christmas snowflakes using origami paper?

Origami Snowflake Instructions

People relate snowflake with Christmas, because Christmas is celebrated during the Winter season and snowfall. A snowflake is either a single ice crystal or an aggregation of ice crystals. The shapes of snow flakes will be like stellar dendrites, hollow columns, triangular crystals and more. Snowflakes fall with a fascinating variety of shapes and patterns. Here are the simple instructions on how to create an origami Christmas snowflake. Try to create your own Christmas snowflake using the below simple steps and decorate your homes with Christmas snowflakes this Christmas Season.

Steps To Follow
Step 1: Take a square paper with the color of your choice.
Paper Snow Flake Step 1
Step 2: Make a mountain fold. Means to fold the paper in a way that opposite ends meet each other.
Paper Snow Flake Step 2
Step 3: Do the same fold from the other corner.
Paper Snow Flake Step 3
Step 4: After completing it, again make the mountain fold.
Paper Snow Flake Step 4
Step 5: Again refold the paper. So you should have folded the paper thrice.
Paper Snow Flake Step 5
Step 6: Take the center corner and fold it to touch the adjacent side.
Paper Snow Flake Step 6
Step 7: Press along the ends.
Paper Snow Flake Step 7
Step 8: Cut the unwanted portion, that is right above the fold.
Paper Snow Flake Step 8
Step 9: Your folds should now seems like a cone.
Paper Snow Flake Step 9
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