How to Make an Origami Cross Step by Step?

The page shows the step by step instructions for making of paper origami cross from step 11.
Step 11: Once after inserting the long paper strip inside the hole, bring it out in the other end of the hole.
Paper Cross Step 11
Step 12: Slowly pull it out as shown below.
Paper Cross Step 12
Step 13: Then, again take the long strip and bring it up.
Paper Cross Step 13
Step 14: Insert it inside the hole, but dont do it till the end.
Paper Cross Step 14
Step 15: Leave for about 2 cm in the top region, to form the cross symbol.
Paper Cross Step 15
Step 16: Take the extra length of strip if you have any.
Paper Cross Step 16
Step 17: Insert a little inside the hole.
Paper Cross Step 17
Step 18: Press on the edges.
Paper Cross Step 18
Step 19: Simple and beautiful origami paper cross is ready for Christmas decoration.
Paper Cross Step 19

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