How to Make a Paper Christmas Cross?

How do you make cross for Christmas using origami paper?

Origami Cross Instructions

Cross is the most notable symbol used in Christianity. It is depicted as Christian symbol in the early 200 A.D. It is an instrument used in the crucifixion of Jesus. Make your own Christmas cross for this holiday season just by using an origami paper. Follow the simple step by step instructions to make a Christian cross.

Materials Needed
→ Origami Paper (Color of your choice)
→ Ruler
→ Blade Snapper

paper cross materials needed
Step by Step Instructions
Step 1: Mark a long strip of paper for about 1cm using pencil.
Paper Cross Step 1
Step 2: Cut down the exact measurement.
Paper Cross Step 2
Step 3: Now, bend the paper right above the centre as given below.
Paper Cross Step 3
Step 4: Bring the folded side to the other side.
Paper Cross Step 4
Step 5: Again refold the paper as shown in the below image.
Paper Cross Step 5
Step 6: Press on the ends.
Paper Cross Step 6
Step 7: Adjust the last made fold on both sides to form a the horizontal line for the cross.
Paper Cross Step 7
Step 8: Take the end of the paper and fold it back inside the hole to fix it in a position.
Paper Cross Step 8
Step 9: Take the long strip of paper and bring it upwards.
Paper Cross Step 9
Step 10: Insert it inside the hole as shown below.
Paper Cross Step 10
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