How to Fold a Christmas Origami Angel?

This page shows the continuation of folding a Christmas angel from Step 21.
Step 21: Cut the paper into slices at every zig zag folds.
Paper Angel Step 21
Step 22: Cut the paper till the last.
Paper Angel Step 22
Step 23: Take any one paper slice and apply glue at its end.
Paper Angel Step 23
Step 24: Take an other slice and paste it over the first one.
Paper Angel Step 24
Step 25: Continue to extend the length of the paper slices by joining one with the other.
Paper Angel Step 25
Step 26: Once after completed joining the papers, begin to roll the paper.
Paper Angel Step 26
Step 27: Role it down leaving about 10cm paper slice in the end.
Paper Angel Step 27
Step 28: Keep it near the neck of angel and check for the position.
Paper Angel Step 28
Step 29: Apply glue till the rolled slices.
Paper Angel Step 29
Step 30: Bring the end to paste it along the rolled slice of paper.
Paper Angel Step 30
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