How to Make an Origami Angel?

This page explains the continuation of origami paper angel from Step 11.
Step 11:
Once after making the zig zag foldings press on the paper. So that the fold marks are visible.
Paper Angel Step 11
Step 12: Loosen up the paper. Now the foldings should be as given in the below.
Paper Angel Step 12
Step 13: Similarly make the same foldings in an other paper of same color.
Paper Angel Step 13
Step 14: Right above the centre, leaving about 1cm, press the paper.
Paper Angel Step 14
Step 15: While doing it, loosen up the lower and upper zig zag folds.
Paper Angel Step 15
Step 16: Take the other folded paper and keep it along the first one. Then bend the paper as exactly what you have done for the first one.
Paper Angel Step 16
Step 17: Now your paper fold should appear as shown in the below image.
Paper Angel Step 17
Step 18: Extend the corner tip of the angel dress in both the sides.
Paper Angel Step 18
Step 19: Take an other colored paper to make head of angel.
Paper Angel Step 19
Step 20: Do repeat the same zig zag foldings as you have done for the making of angel dress.
Paper Angel Step 20
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