How To Make Charcoal?

Short Tutorial that explains you on How To Make Charcoal.

Charcoal Making

Charcoal is a remaining ash, it is light in weight and black. Charcoal consists of carbon. It is obtained by removing water and other volatile constituents from animal and vegetation sources. Charcoal is usually produced by burning wood or other substances in the absence of oxygen. For thousands of years men have been making charcoal (non-activated) from all manner of trees. You really can make your own charcoal at home. All you need is wood, a metal barrel, lighting match sticks and fuel.
How To Make Charcoal
This short tutorial will explain you on how to make a charcoal in simple step-by-step instructions with pictures.

Material Required:

Wood Pieces
Metal Barrel
Lighting Match Sticks
Metal Drum
Charcoal Required Materials
Procedure To Make Charcoal:
Step 1: Place the metal drum at a safe place outside suitable for firing.
Step 2: Fill up the metal drum with the wood pieces.
Step 3: Pour fuel on the wood pieces.
Step 4: Ignite the wood pieces inside the metal drum using lighting match sticks.
Step 5: Let it burn for few hours, until the flames comes down.
Step 6: If you feel the woods are not burnt properly, ignite the remaining woods by pouring the additional fuel.
Step 7: Once all woods are completely burnt, you could get the residual left.
Step 8: The left black residual is the charcoal.
Step 9: Allow the ashes to cool down.
Step 10: Collect the ash remainings from the metal drum and store it in a tight container for use.

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