How to Make Different Shades of Black Paint

How do you get slightly modified black paint?

Make Slightly Modified Black Paint

The mix of primary colors such as red, yellow and blue gives the basic black color. To get slightly modified or enhanced black color, you need to change the proportion of the mixture. By including or reducing any particular color, creates black with the tinge of color. Based on the ratios of color mixture, you will get reddish, greenish or brownish black color. Based on the medium of colors, you will get a slightly different colors at each medium (like oil paints, acrylic, watercolor, etc.)
Here we have provided the list of color mixtures to obtain slightly modified black color.
Soft black
With the combination of Aureolin (Cobalt Yellow), Rose Madder Genuine and Cobalt Blue colors in equal amount, you will result in obtaining soft black color.
Medium black
To get medium black color, you have to mix New Gamboge (light fast synthetic), Permanent Rose and French Ultramarine Blue.
Bold black
You can get the bold and dark black color by mixing equal proportion of Windsor Yellow, Permanent Alizarin Crimson and Winsor Blue.
Bluish tinted black
The bluish tinted black color can be obtained by combining the right amount of dark blue and earthy brown paint.

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