How to Make a Chocolate Banana Smoothie?

Short tutorial on how to make a banana smoothie with chocolates.

Chocolate Banana Smoothie Recipe

Chocolate Banana Smoothie Recipe is a great choice for your delicious and healthy drink during parties. The dark chocolate smoothie with banana makes it hard to believe that this treat is healthy. Here is a short tutorial that explains you on how to make a banana smoothie with chocolates.
Banana Smoothie With Chocolate
Ingredients Required:
Banana - 1
cocoa powder - 1 Table spoon
Frozen banana or 4 ice cubes
Silk Chocolate Soy Milk - 3/4 cup
Whipped cream - 1 Tea spoon (optional)
Your choice of sprinkles (optional)

How to make chocolate banana smoothie recipe?
Step 1: Take one fresh banana and slice it into round pieces. You could also use a frozen banana. If you use a frozen banana there is no need to add ice cubes.
Step 2: Pour chocolate soy milk, and add cocoa powder, and put the banana slices into a blending bowl.
Step 3: Use the blender or mixer grinder to blend the mixture without any lumps.
Step 4: Pour the banana smoothie into a glass and serve it.
Step 5: Add ice cubes if required.
Step 6: You could also add a tablespoon whipped creambutter and your favourite sprinkles as a toppings on the smoothie.