Make an Origami Cube

How do you make a cube or dice using origami paper?

How to Make a Dice out of Paper?

Bored and thinking out how to spend your unused time joyfully. Then this tutorial is definitely for you. Enjoy making this simple dice/cube using papers and entertain your dear ones. Its really amusing and sporty game for your children or absolutely for yourself too.

Materials required
→ Ruler
→ Glue
→ Pencil
→ Marker
→ Scissors
→ Origami/chart paper
Paper Dice Materials Required
You can make a dice/cube using the origami papers or some thick sheet of chart paper. Follow the steps given below to make origami cube.
Step 1: You should create a template form to make this simple cubic dices.
Step 2: Take a chart paper with the color of your choice. Draw a long rectangle with the length of 12cm and width of 3cm.
Paper Dice Step 2
Step 3: Split the rectangle into four equal parts. As we have drawn 12cm measurement, each part should be 3cm.
Paper Dice Step 3
Step 4: Take the first part and draw a horizontal line. So that the lines outside the rectangle on either side should also measure 3cm each.
Paper Dice Step 4
Step 5: Draw similar horizontal line in the next part. Join both the lines. You should have got an other rectangle as we shown in the below image.
Paper Dice Step 5
Step 6: Now draw small markings along the outer border as we shown below. Its done to stick all the sides together with a glue. Cut out the template form from the paper.
Paper Dice Step 6
Step 7: Make tiny dots in each boxes using marker as per your wish.
Paper Dice Step 7
Step 8: Turn the other side of the paper and fold the three parts towards inside as we figured below.
Paper Dice Step 8
Step 9: Now just bend the part which is next to the last one.
Paper Dice Step 9
Step 10: Fold each part towards inside. Its done to get the perfect cube.
Paper Dice Step 10
Step 11: Glue the borders of all sides.
Paper Dice Step 11
Step 12: Join the ends of all the sides together and hold it for sometime to get it pasted.
Paper Dice Step 12
Your origami cube/dice is ready now.
Paper Dice

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