Make a Paper Umbrella

How do you make a small umbrella using origami paper?

Origami Umbrella Step by Step Instructions

Whether its a rainy season or scorching summer, most of the our outing plans are accompanied with an umbrella. This small folding canopy is made out of metals and different tools. But making an umbrella of your own with a piece of paper brings lot of joy and happiness. Follow our interesting step by step tutorial to make a paper umbrella.
Paper Umbrella
Materials Needed
Origami Paper (Color of your choice)
Paper Umbrella Material Needed
Step by Step Instructions
Step 1: Take a square shaped paper with the color of your choice.
Paper Umbrella Step 1
Step 2: Make a mountain fold in either sides.
Paper Umbrella Step 2
Step 3: Unfold the paper. You should have got markings as shown in the below image.
Paper Umbrella Step 3
Step 4:
Fold the paper as we have shown below. Open any one side of the paper holding the centre portion.
Paper Umbrella Step 4
Step 5: Open it widely and press it in the centre towards inside.
Paper Umbrella Step 5
Step 6:
You should have a triangle fold.
Paper Umbrella Step 6
Step 7: Turn the other side of the paper. Take the open fold side.
Paper Umbrella Step 7
Step 8:
Make the triangle fold as we have done in step 6.
Paper Umbrella Step 8
Step 9: Your paper folding should appear as shown in the below image.
Paper Umbrella Step 9
Step 10: Take a folded leaf from any one side.
Paper Umbrella Step 10
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