How to Make an Origami Gun?

Here is the page shows the continuation of making an origami paper gun from Step 13.
Step 13: Take the folded paper you have made before and place it on the centre line.
Paper Gun Step 13
Step 14: Unfold the first layer of the paper.
Paper Gun Step 14
Step 15: Now take any one end of the paper lies behind and bend it towards inside.
Paper Gun Step 15
Step 16: Make a fold to touch the open centre line.
Paper Gun Step 16
Step 17: Do make the same folding in the other side too.
Paper Gun Step 17
Step 18: Now take away the folded paper. You could have got the shape as we have shown in the below image.
Paper Gun Step 18
Step 19: Take its centre portion and join the two corners.
Paper Gun Step 19
Step 20: So your paper folding should appear as we have shown in the below image.
Paper Gun Step 20
Step 21: Now insert the end of bended hole in the opening of the other paper as we have done in the below image.
Paper Gun Step 21
Step 22: You should insert both the sides of the paper and bring it through the other end.Paper Gun Step 22
Step 23: Drag the back portion (i.e., grip) of the gun towards the rear one.
Paper Gun Step 23
Step 24: Your part of the gun is ready now.
Paper Gun Step 24
Step 25: Take any one side of the grip portion of the gun and fold it outwards.
Paper Gun Step 25
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