How to Make a Paper Gun?

How do you make a paper gun using origami paper?

Origami Gun

Children are much fascinated in playing cop games and fake shooting. Bring more smile in your kids face by preparing your own paper gun. Here is a simple step by step tutorial to make a paper gun.

Materials Needed
→ Chart Paper- 2 (Different color)
→ Stabler pin - 1 set
→ Nylon rubber band - 5 to 10

Steps To Follow
Step 1:
Take a chart paper and cut it into rectangular shape.
Paper Gun Step 1

Step 2: Fold the paper along the centre, in a way that both the ends touches each other.
Paper Gun Step 2
Step 3: Take any one corner and draw a point in the centre touching the centre line. Similarly draw a point at a distance of 1cm in both the sides from the centre point.
Paper Gun Step 3
Step 4: Similarly draw the three points in the other side too.
Paper Gun Step 4
Step 5: Your point should appear as we have shown in the below image.
Paper Gun Step 5
Step 6: Take any one side and fold the paper to touch the first point.
Paper Gun Step 6
Step 7: Do the same in the other side too.
(Note: Make sure that the folded end touches the respective point from both the ends.)
Paper Gun Step 7
Step 8: Refold the paper in both the sides, touching the centre line.
Paper Gun Step 8
Step 9: Again fold both the sides to touch each other.
Paper Gun Step 9
Step 10: Bend the paper in the centre.
Paper Gun Step 10
Step 11: Take an other color paper, and make the same kind of foldings as you have done in the above steps. Make sure the size of the paper remains same as the earlier one.
Paper Gun Step 11
Step 12: After making the same set of folding, make a line in the centre of this paper.
Paper Gun Step 12
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