Make Beautiful Origami Flowers

How do you make beautiful flowers using origami papers?

How to Make Paper Flowers?

Flowers are the natures beautiful creation. Hence, it is used as a decorative element in many occasions. The fragrance and aroma produced out the flowers helps in making perfumes and spray. Here comes a simple step by step tutorial to make paper flowers in a quick span of time. Prepare and use these flowers to embellish your home.
Materials Needed

Origami Paper - 6 (2 different colors)
Steps To Follow
Step 1: Take a origami paper with the color of your choice.
Beautiful Paper Flower Step 1
Step 2: Turn the other side of the paper and make a mountain fold.
(Note : You should flip the other side only when its white)
Beautiful Paper Flower Step 2
Step 3: Refold the paper again.
Beautiful Paper Flower Step 3
Step 4: Make a triangle fold from the closed side as shown in the below image.
Beautiful Paper Flower Step 4
Step 5: Make same set of foldings with the other 6 origami papers. One set smaller than the other one.
(Note : Make 3 pair of papers in two different colors.)
Beautiful Paper Flower Step 5
Step 6: Take any one pair of papers.Beautiful Paper Flower Step 6
Step 7: Cut the triangle that stands right above the triangle fold.
Beautiful Paper Flower Step 7
Step 8: Do cut down all the papers as we have down in the last step.
Beautiful Paper Flower Step 8
Step 9: Take a paper and unfold it. Make a dot at the top of the paper, leaving about one inch of space from the corner.
Beautiful Paper Flower Step 9
Step 10: Draw the curved "v" shape from the other two ends, joining the dot.
Beautiful Paper Flower Step 10
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