How to Fold a Paper Crane?

Here shows the continuation of the paper crane after step 10.
Step 11:
Your folding should appear as we have given below.
Paper Crane Step 11
Step 12: Bend the triangle shape in the closed end towards other side.
Paper Crane Step 13
Step 13: Flip the other side of the paper and press on the triangle fold gently.
Paper Crane Step 12
Step 14: Take the other side and open the closed leaves from both the sides.
Paper Crane Step 14
Step 15: Take the corner of the bend and bring it down.
Paper Crane Step 15
Step 16: Press on the bends, you should get rhombus shape.
Paper Crane Step 16
Step 17: Turn the other side, open the triangle fold you have made before. Fold the paper from the upper corner as we have shown below.
Paper Crane Step 17
Step 18: Make the same fold in the other side too.
Paper Crane Step 18
Step 19: Open the fold you have made in the last step.
Paper Crane Step 19
Step 20: Take the upper corner and bring it down.
Paper Crane Step 20
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