How to Make a Paper Gift Box with Cover?

This page shows the continuation of the paper gift box from Step 11.
Step 11: Take the point where the triangle fold ends and bend it inwards.
Paper Box Step 11
Step 12: Make a "V" shaped bend as we have shown in the below image.
Paper Box Step 12
Step 13: Similarly do it in the other side too.
Paper Box Step 13
Step 14:
Bring the open end towards inside.
Paper Box Step 14
Step 15: Fold it inward to touch the base.
Paper Box Step 15
Step 16: Take the other side and make the same "V" bend in the both the ends.
Paper Box Step 16
Step 17: Fold the open ends towards inside.
Paper Box Step 17
Step 18: Your gift box is almost done.
Paper Box Step 18
Step 19: Use glue and paste the open corners.
Paper Box Step 19
Step 20: Make an other gift box in different size and join the open ends.
Paper Box Step 20

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