How to install Tomcat?

A short tutorial page that explains you on how to install Tomcat.

Tomcat Installation

Tomcat is the application server of open source Java servlet web pages. Refer the below short tutorial that explains you clearly on how to install tomcat server.
Step 1: Go to HioxIndia Client login
Client Login
Step 2: Go to Orders →My Invoices

Goto My Invoices
Step 3: Click Install option to install Tomcat service.
Step 4: Choose your Tomcat version and click on Install. Install1
Step 5: Wait until Tomcat installation process is completed.
Step 6: Tomcat service is installed successfully.
Step 7: All Tomcat Application Management options will be shown after installation and your Tomcat service will start up automatically.
Step 8: Check your website @
If you receive any output error like Tomcat is already installed, uninstall your process and try again.

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