How to Find If 2000 Rupees Note is Fake or Real?

Seven different ways for the people in India to identify fake 2000 rupees note.

Best Ways to Check 2000 Currency Note

By demonetising the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 currency notes, The Indian government has introduced the new Rs. 2000 notes. Since the day the new Rs. 2000 came into circulation, there lies a great confusion about the security features of the new notes. With several complaints about the "fake new notes" of Rs. 2,000 denomination, there are several best ways for the users to check the difference between the fake and real 2000 Rupees note. Follow this simple tutorial to learn how to find if 2000 rupees note is fake or real?
How To Identify New 2000 Rupee Note Is Fake Or Real
Color Changing See-through with Denominational Numeral
See-through register with denominational numeral 2000 color changes when the note is held against a light source.
Identify Fake 2000 Rupee Note Way 1 | See Through Register With Numeral 2000
Latent Image of 2,000 can be Seen When the Note is Tilted
A latent image of the numeral 2000 can be seen when the note is held flat before our eyes, before a direct light source.
Identify Fake 2000 Rupee Note Way 2 | Lantent Image Of 2000 Numeral
Color Changing Security Thread that turns From Green to Blue
A color shifting security thread with the inscription Bharat (in hindi), RBI and 2000. When the note is tilted, you can see the color of the security thread changes from green and blue.
Identify Fake 2000 Rupee Note Way 3 | Security Thread Changes From Green To Blue
Mahatma Gandhi Portrait and Denomination as Electrolyte Watermarks
When the note is held against a light source, you can see the watermarks of Mahatma Gandhi and electrolyte of 2000 denomination.
Identify Fake 2000 Rupee Note Way 4 | Gandhi Portrait And Denomination As Electrolytes
Denomination with Rupee Symbol in Color Changing Inks (Green to Blue)
Verify whether the denomination numeral 2000 color changes from green to blue when tilted as we have shown in the below image.
Identify Fake 2000 Rupee Note Way 5 | Color Changing Denomination From Green To Blue
Horizontal Rectangle with 2000 in Raised Print
Above the Ashoka Pillar emblem, you can see the rectangle with Rs.2000 denomination in a raised print.
Identify Fake 2000 Rupee Note Way 6 | Horizontal Rectangle With 2000 In Raised Print
Seven Angular Bleeds in Raised Print
The "seven angular bleeds" can be seen on left and right side of the note in a raised print. You can actually touch and feel the lines.
Identify Fake 2000 Rupee Note Way 7 | Seven Angular Bleeds

How To Identify Fake 2000 Rupee Notes