How to Update DNS?

How to Update a DNS (Domain Name Server)?

Update Namservers

A DNS or Domain Name Server is a nameserver that connects the domain name and the hosting. Hence, once your hosting purchase is done, you need to update the Domain DNS in order to connect with the correct server. The namservers will be provided by the hosting provider and should be updated in the Domain DNS.
Follow the steps below to update the nameservers.
How To Update Dns
If Hosting and Domain are purchased with the same Provider:
If the hosting and domain are purchased from the same hosting provider, then there is no necessary to update the nameserver, since it will be set by default. You can check the DNS status by logging into your client panel account.
If Hosting and Domain are purchased with different Provider:
If hosting is purchased from a different provider, then you need to update the nameserver manually by logging into your client account.
For instance, let us see an example of how to update the namesever in HIOX India panel.
Step 1: Login to HIOX India Account with the credentials given.
Hioxindia Customer Login
Step 2: Under Orders, click My Invoices.
Hioxindia Nameserver Update
Your orders will be listed over here.
Step 3: Click the nameserver option under the domain name for which you have to update the nameserver.
Update Nameservers In Hioxindia
Step 4: Update nameserver popup opens, enter the nameservers provided by the hosting provider from which you have purchased your hosting and click Modify.
Nameserver Update Hioxindia
Once the DNS is updated, it will take 5-24 hours for propagation and you can view your website after propagation.
NOTE : The nameserver updation procedure varies for different providers. The procedure above explained is only suitable for HIOXIndia and is just explained for example.

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