How to Reset Your WordPress Permalinks

A simple tutorial that will help you reset your WordPress permalinks with ease.

Reset Your WordPress Permalinks

Permalinks generated by the WordPress are a common cause for the WordPress 404 error. By reseting the WordPress permalinks, you can fix the error. Follow through the simple steps to know how to reset the permalinks.
Step 1:Login to Wordpress admin dashboard.
Step 2:Goto Settings -> Permailinks
Step 3:Once you are there, just take note of current structure of your website. To reset the Permailinks, you have to change the existing structure temporarily. But you need to change it back to complete the reset process.
Step 4:Now, enable the Plain option under Common Settings, and click on the Save Changes button in the bottom of the page.
Step 5:The page will reload. Now, choose your previous permalink type which was enabled just before you switch to the Plain, and click on Save Changes.
Step 6:You have successfully reset your WordPress permalink structure.