How to Disable Your WordPress Themes and Plugins

A simple tutorial which will guide you through the process to disable your WordPress themes and plugins.

Disable Your WordPress Themes and Plugins

Sometimes your plugins and themes may result in 404 error. Disabling your themes and plugins which is the reason behind the issue will help you to fix the error. Follow the steps given below to disable your themes and plugins.
Step 1:Login to Wordpress admin dahsboard.
Step 2:Goto Plugins -> All Plugin
Step 3:Select a plugin and deactivate it.
Step 4:Check your site to ensure whether still the 404 error persists. If it persist, again reactivate the deactivated plugin and move to the next plugin and repeat the step 3. Repeat the process untill you find the plugin which is causing the issue.
Step 5:Incase you have checked all your plugins and none of them have issues, then you need to check the Activated Theme.
Step 6:Goto Appearance -> Themes.
Step 7: Switch from your current theme to another and check your site for the 404 error.
Step 8: If still the problem persist, remove all the unwanted themes and plugins.