How to Find the Volume of a Spherical Cap

Short tutorial on how to calculate the volume of a spherical shaped cap with an example and images

Spherical Cap Volume Calculation

Spherical Cap is also referred as spherical dome, or spherical segment. The cap is the portion that lies above the plane of the sphere. If the plane passes through the center of the sphere, it is called as Hemisphere. The spherical cap volume calculation can be easily done by knowing the base area and sphere height. Follow the below step by step tutorial on how to find the volume of a spherical cap with an example calculation.
How To Calculate Volume Of Spherical Cap
Spherical Cap Volume Formula:
The volume of the spherical cap can be given as,
V=(π. h2 / 3 ) (3a - h)
h - Height of the cap
a - Base Area of cap
Spherical Cap Volume Formula
Spherical Cap Volume Example:
Step 1: Consider a spherical cap with the height of 12 cm and base radius of 6 cm. What is the Volume of the Spherical cap?
Height - 12 cm
Base Area - 6 cm
Spherical Cap Volume Example
Step 2: Substituting the given values in the formula to calculate volume of spherical cap.
V = (π. h2 / 3 ) (3a - h)
=(3.14 . (12)2 / 3) (3 .6 - 12)
= (3.14 x 144 / 3) (18 - 12)
=150.72 x 6
= 904. 32cm2
Volume of the Spherical Cap is 904.32 cm2
Volume Of Spherical Cap Example Calculation

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