How To Calculate Average Time in Excel?

Short tutorial that explains you on how to calculate average time in microsoft excel with a neat example.

Finding Average Time in Excel

Excel is a good tool, which helps us in many number of calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, average, count, etc., on numbers. But when it comes to operations on time and date, its a bit confusing. This tutorial helps you get a clear picture of how to calculate average time in excel for any two timings given.
Htc Averagetimeinexcel
Adding two times, or finding average of two or more times in Excel, is as easy as adding two numbers. Follow the below steps to calculate average time in Excel.
Finding Average Time in Excel:
Step 1: Before you do the operations, you need to make sure that the data in the cell is of the "time" format.
Step 2: Select and format the cells containing the data or the whole column.
Htc Averagetime Selectall
Step 3: Right click the cell/cells/column and select "format cells" from the menu that appears.
Step 4: In the "format cells" dialog box, select the "Number" tab.
Step 5: In the "Category" box, select the "time" category.
Step 6: Select the format of time in the "Format" box such as 13:47:55 or 13:47, etc.
Htc Averagetime Formatcells
Step 7: Now your cells are formatted with the time format. Select the cells with data (time) and on the bottom pane of the excel, select the operation "Average" to calculate average time of the selected times.
Htc Averagetime Formatcells1
Step 8: You can also select the other operations on the bottom pane, such as "Sum", "Count", "Maximum", "Minimum", "Selection Count", etc.

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