How To Edit Line Size in MS Paint in Windows?

Learn how to edit Line Size in Microsoft (MS) Paint in Windows ?

MS Paint Tricks : Edit Line Size

MS Paint is a simple computer graphics program that comes as a default application with all versions of Microsoft Windows. With paint you can draw, create, edit pictures and save in different formats.

This is a short tutorial that explains you how to edit line size in MS paint in Windows.
There are two options to edit the size of the line or any images drawn using paint.

Option 1: Select Size Choose the required line size from the tool box that appears at the top of the paint document.
Option 2: Use the shortcut key Ctrl+ "+" or Ctrl+ "-" to increase or decrease the line size.
How To Edit Line Size In Mspaint
In the above given image, the rectangular shape is selected and the line size is adjusted to 5px(pixels) using MS paint in Windows.

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