How to Draw Train?

Easy and a step by step drawing tutorials on how to draw train for kids and preschoolers.

Step by Step Drawing Tutorials

Here is an interesting tutorial on learning to draw a train. Train is always an interesting thing for anyone, particularly the children. Follow through these simple steps to know how to draw train engine. Before the evolution of diesel engines and electric engines, steam engines were used for Trains. These step by step drawing tutorials will help you to draw a simple traditional steam engine of a train.
Step 1:
Draw a large rectangle at the center of your page.
How To Draw Train Step1
Step 2: At the left-bottom edge of the rectangle draw a small horizontal line projecting outwards.
How To Draw Train Step2
Step 3: Starting from the outer edge of the above said horizontal line draw a slanting line connecting the part just below the top left edge of the rectangle, there by forming a triangle in front of the rectangle as shown below.
How To Draw Train Step3
Step 4: At the top right hand corner of the rectangle draw two vertical lines parallel to each other separated by a centimeter or two, which forms the large chimney of your engine.
How To Draw Train Step4
Step 5: Draw another small vertical rectangle on the top of the large rectangle and adjacent to the above said two vertical lines.
How To Draw Train Step5
Step 6: At the left hand top edge of the large rectangle, draw two vertical lines parallel to each other separated by a comparatively smaller distance than the vertical lines at the right edge. These lines form the small chimney of the engine.
How To Draw Train Step6
Step 7: On the top of right-edge vertical lines (large chimney) draw two horizontal lines parallel to each other as shown below.
How To Draw Train Step7
Step 8: Connect the two horizontal lines at both ends as shown, which forms the lid over the large chimney.
How To Draw Train Step8
Step 9: Similarly we need to draw a closing lid over the small chimney. Draw a horizontal line over the small chimney in the left.
How To Draw Train Step9
Step 10: Draw another comparatively lengthier horizontal line parallel to other line.
How To Draw Train Step10
Click on the next page to see the remaining steps to complete your train drawing.

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