How to Draw a Swan?

Tutorial on how to draw a swan with the easy and simple steps for kids and beginners.

Swan Drawing Step by Step

This swan drawing tutorial helps you to learn drawing a realistic swan. Swans, ducks and geese belong to the same family called the Anatidae. Swans are closely related to ducks and geese. Swans are larger in size than geese and ducks. They have larger feet and longer necks than geese. Here are simple steps to learn how to draw a swan. Follow the simple swan drawing step by step instructions to complete your swan and enjoy by coloring it.

Step 1:

From the right side of your page start drawing a curve just like the "opposite" of a large question mark extending downwards.
How To Draw Swan Step1
Step 2:
From the bottom base of the above drawn curve, start drawing a tilted line extending towards the left, looking like a large "~" (tilde) symbol or like the outline of a seawave. The end of this curve should point upwards.
How To Draw Swan Step2
Step 3:
Starting from the leftmost end of the above said large "~" curve, start a curved line traveling downwards and then towards the right and traveling upwards parallel to the "question" curve and finally joining the top end with a curve. When you have done this, you could see the outline of the swan, forming the body and neck portion of the swan.
How To Draw Swan Step3
Step 4:
Draw a small circle and shade it marking the eye of the swan as shown.
How To Draw Swan Step4
Step 5:
The next step is to draw the feather of the swan. From the mid-bottom part of the body of the swan start drawing a line parallel to the outline of the body of swan as shown.
How To Draw Swan Step5
Step 6:
Complete the feather by drawing a curve as exact opposite to the above drawn curve.
How To Draw Swan Step6
Step 7:
Lets move to the beak part. From the bottom end of the top "U" part, draw a line slightly slanting towards right and parallel to the neck of the swan.
How To Draw Swan Step7
Step 8:
Draw an other slanting line parallel to the above line starting from the top part of the "U" and join it with the other line at the bottom, thereby forming the beak.
How To Draw Swan Step8
Step 9:
Finally erase the body outline within the feather to complete your swan drawing.
How To Draw Swan Step9

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