How to Draw a Strawberry?

Easy drawing tutorial on how to draw a strawberry with simple and easy steps.

Step by Step Strawberry Drawing

Here is a simple online step by step strawberry drawing tutorial on how to draw a strawberry. Strawberry is a beautiful red fruit. The Strawberry fruit has a sweet aroma. Strawberry fruit is famous for its red color and sweetness. Follow the step by step drawing tutorial to complete your strawberry drawing images.
Step 1: Draw a "C" type curve starting from center of the page and traveling towards right bottom of the page.
How To Draw Strawberry Step1
Step 2: Leave a small gap and draw a curve exact opposite to the "C" curve, just like the curve in the "P".
How To Draw Strawberry Step2
Step 3: Join the bottom ends of both the curves with a small extended "u" shaped curve.
How To Draw Strawberry Step3
Step 4: Just between the top ends of the cuves, draw a slanting line slanting towards right representing the stem.
How To Draw Strawberry Step4
Step 5: Draw an another slanting line parallel to it representing the width of the stem.
How To Draw Strawberry Step5
Step 6: Join the top ends of the two slanting lines marking the completion of the stem.
How To Draw Strawberry Step6
Step 7: From the base of one side of the stem line draw a small cuved line pointing downwards.
How To Draw Strawberry Step7
Step 8: Similarly draw an another curved line tilting towards the earlier drawn curve and joining it at the bottom base, thereby making it a leaf at the bottom of the stem.
How To Draw Strawberry Step8
Step 9: Draw a small line at the center of the leaf to mark the main vein of the leaf and thereby completing the leaf.
How To Draw Strawberry Step9
Step 10: Similarly draw another leaf pointing towards opposite side.
How To Draw Strawberry Step10
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