How To Disable Privacy Protection?

How To Disable Privacy Protection


How to Disable Privacy Protection in HIOXIndia?

How to disable WHOIS Privacy for a Domain Name in HIOX India?

Diabaling Privacy Protection for Domain Name

Follow the below steps to disable WHOIS Privacy Protection for a Domain / Website Name in HIOX India.

Step 1: Goto and click on Sign in link.
Goto Hioxindia
Step 2: Login to your Hioxindia customer account using your registered email address and password.
Login To Hioxindia
Step 3: Under Orders, click My Invoices.
Hioxindia My Invoices
Step 4: Choose the Domain Name for which you want to disable WHOIS Privacy and Click on Manage Domain.

Step 5: Click on Privacy Protect


Step 6: From the Pop-up Window that appear select Off button to disable privacy protect for the domain name and enter in the valid reason and click on the Submit button
Privacy Protect Disable
Step 7: You have now successfully disabled Privacy Protection for your domain name.