How to Delete Skype Account?

How to close/disable your skype account?

Deactivate Skype Account Permanently

Skype is an application which provides voice call services and video chat. If you are using skype and no longer interested in using your account, you can deactivate skype account permanently with the help of Skype Customer Service. This tutorial explains you how to delete skype account with step by step instructions.
How To Delete Skype Account
Contact Skype Customer Service
To deactivate your skype account permanently,
→First you have to cancel all subscriptions or recurring payments and check if you have any Skype Credit and if so, used up.
→Second, contact Skype Customer Service and tell them that you would like to disable your account.
It takes up to 30 days to disappear your name from the directory. After that, no one will be able to find you in Skype. You have to contact your friends to remove your name from their contact lists. Else your name will appear in their lists, but they won"™t be able to contact you. Remove your personal information from your profile in the meantime.
Remove your profile information
If you dont want any users to search for you in Skype directory, first you have to remove all the personal information. Following steps helps you to close your skype account:
Change / Remove Profile Picture
Step 1: Click on your Username
Deactivate Skype Account Change Profile Picture
Step 2: Click on the Edit Profile Option
Edit Skype Profile
Step 3: After clicking the edit profile, click on the directory icon to change the profile picture.
Change Skype Profile Picture Step1
Step 4: You can now change your profile picture from the directory.
Change Skype Profile Picture Step2
Step 5: Your Profile Picture has been changed.
Profile Picture Change Result
→Remove personal information
Click on your Username -> Edit Profile
Remove Skype Personal Information
Here you can edit or clear your Contact information and Personal information.

→Sign out of Skype
Set your status to offline or invisible. Then sign out of Skype on all your devices. Type the chat command/remotelogoutinto the chat window to sign yourself out of Skype on any other devices you might be using, then sign out on the one you"™re using now.
Note: Leave your email address in your profile so that Skype customer service can verify your account to deactivate skype account permanently. After they have closed your account, they will remove your email address.

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