How to Delete LinkedIn Account?

How do you Cancel LinkedIn Account and Remove Linkedin Profile?

Delete LinkedIn Profile

Linkedin is a business oriented social networking website mainly used for professional networking. Linkedin allows its users to make connections with each other to represent real world professional relationship. If you are a member of Linkedin network you could make connections with various professions, find jobs, post job requirements, share technical informations etc. Suppose, if you had decided to quit the network all you have to do is to close your account and delete linkedin profile in a proper way, as your connected people might no longer contact you through Linkedin and keep on updating things on your wall or messages. But, consider before closing/removing your Linkedin account as you may lose some good professional network connections.

Here is a short tutorial on how to delete Linkedin account and profile,explained neatly with pictures.
How To Delete Linkedin Account
Step 1: Sign in to your Linkedin account.
Linkedin Account Login
Step 2: Click on your profile photo on the top right corner. If you don't have any profile photo you might see a white box with grey outline. Click on Privacy & Settings from the menu that is listed down.
Linkedin Settings To Delete Account
Step 3: Choose Subscriptions → Closing Your Account as shown in the picture.
Close Your Linkedin Account
Step 4: You will be now navigated to a new page to cancel your LinkedIn account/delete LinkedIn profile.
Delete Linked Profile
Step 5: Choose the various options listed below to tell the community why do you want to delete Linkedin profile. You may also give your feedbacks in the text area given. Once done click on Next button.
Remove Linkedin Profile
Step 6: Enter your password if asked and click on Close account button. Make sure to check and unsubscribe the newsletters from Linkedin.
Linkedin Unsubscribe
Step 7: Your Linkedin account is now closed and profile has been removed.
Linkedin Account Closed

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