How to Use Egg Yolk for Eyebrow Hair Growth?

How to Use egg yolk for growing hair on eyebrows?

Using Egg Yolk for Eyebrows

Egg Yolk is the rich sources of biotin and protein. As the human eye brows are made out of keratin protein , yolk can bring an effective results for the growth of eyebrows. It provides nourishment, thickness, length and smooth hair. Learn how to use egg yolk on eyebrows for faster hair growth with the steps given.
Darken Eyebrows With Egg Yolk
How to Apply
→ Break an egg. Separate the white and yellow egg yolk.
→ Beat the yolk untill it turns into thick cream.
→ Use a cotton swab or brush to massage the cream into your eyebrow.
→ Leave the set up until it turns dry and wash off with the lukewarm water.

This treatment is effective when applied once or twice in a week for eyebrow hair growth.

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