How to Grow Eyebrows with Aloe Vera?

How to Use Aloe Vera for Eyebrow Hair Growth?

Apply Aloe Vera for Eyebrows

Aloe Vera contains some natural enzymes which would nourish the hair follicles faster and aids in getting thick and healthy eyebrows. It also soften and provides shine to the hair. You can choose between the two methods to grow your eyebrows using the Aloe vera.
Darken Eyebrows With Aloe Vera
Option 1:
→ Take an aloe vera and cut off the inner filler by removing the outer portion
→ Now massage the gel in your eye brows, until it well absorbs the juices inside.
→ Leave for half an hour to one hour and wash out with the warm water.

Option 2:
Extract the aloe vera gel and mix it with droplets of honey and coconut oil.
→ Apply on the eye brows and leave it to dry.
→ Then wash with the luke warm water.

You can try both these options to get effective results on eyebrow hair growth.

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