How to Convert Watts to Amps?

How do you convert watts to amps?

Converting Watts to Amps

Watts is the unit of measurement of Power. Ampere (Amps) is the unit of measurement of electricity. Converting watts to amps is not possible as both the units are measures of different quantity. But, you can calculate current in amps by dividing power in watts by voltage in volts.
How To Convert Watts To Amps
Let us learn here how to convert watts to amps using a simple example.
Current (I) in amps = Power (in watts) / Voltage (in volts)
Watts To Amps Formula
Consider an example, where the power consumption is 330 watts and the voltage supply is 110 volts, what is the current I?
Step 1:
Given values,
Power Consumption = 330 watts
Voltage Supply = 110 volts
Watts To Amps Conversion
Step 2: Applying the values in the formula,
Current I = Power (P) / Voltage (V)
I = 330 / 110
I = 3 amps
Converting Watts To Amps
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