How to Coffee Stain Paper?

Short tutorial on how to coffee stain a paper with a cup of coffee and a paper using microwave oven or blower.

How to Make Coffee Stained Paper?

Here is a simple tutorial on how to make coffee stain paper. Papers are coffee stained for making them look old and antique for many good or bad purposes of documentation.
How To Make Coffee Stained Paper
Coffee staining a paper is so simple. All you need is just a jug of coffee, an two iron paper trays, a microwave oven or a hot air blower and a cloth to clean. Follow the below steps to learn how to coffee stain paper for your requirements.
Step 1: Pour some amount of coffee on one of the iron paper trays, which is enough to immerse your paper.
Step 2: Take your paper that is to be stained and immerse it fully in the coffee on the tray. This can be a plain paper or a writen paper, which statisfies your need.
Step 3: Let the paper be immersed for 5-10 minutes.
Step 4: Take the paper out of the coffee tray and place the coffee stained paper on the other tray which is dry.
Step 5: You can dry this coffee stained paper either through a Microwave Oven or with a handy hot air blower.
Step 6: When using a Microwave Oven, heat the paper by setting the Oven to 200 and for a duration of 5 to 10 minutes. When you want your paper to look very old or antique, use Oven to heat it. When you heat it through the Oven, the colour of the coffee stained paper turns into light brown shade with pale yellow spots and with tiny bulged dots and the sides of the paper shows a dark edge on all sides, thereby making the paper look very old and antique, say 40 to 60 years old or even more older. You can try it at home.
Step 7: When you want to make your paper look middle aged (not so old), use the electric hand dryer to dry the coffee stained paper until it is fully dry. When you dry the paper with a hand dryer the paper looks very plain and the sides have no dark edges. Only the colour of the paper changes to pale yellow, making it look like a middle aged one, say 5 to 10 years old.

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