How to Get Your Ear Unplugged By Otovent Maneuver?

How to Clear Clogged Ears By Otovent Maneuver?

Otovent Maneuver - Blowing Balloon Through Nose

Otovent maneuver is effective for equalizing the air pressure in the ears. To perform the technique, follow the steps given below.
Unclog Ear Using Otovent Maneuver
Step 1: Otovent maneuver is the process of blowing out balloon through nose to get cleared from the clogged ears.
Step 2: Purchase an "Otovent balloon"? from a medical shop. This device is just a normal balloon that has a nozzle that fits into the nostril.
Step 3: Insert the nozzle into one nostril, and close the other nostril with your finger.
Step 4: Try to inflate the balloon using only your nostril, until it is about the size of a fist.
Step 5: Repeat the Otovent maneuver on the other nostril.
Step 6: Repeat until you hear the "pop"? of free air flow in the Eustachian canal.

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