How to Know Balance with ATM card?

How to check the account balance of an atm card?

Check Account Balance using ATM Card

There are several ways to know your bank account balance, such as using ATM (Any Time Money) cards, using the internet banking account online, using apps in the smartphone and using customer care service. Here is a simple tutorial on how to know the balance in your savings or current account using your ATM card.
Check Account Balance Using Atm
The account holder should possess the ATM card.
The account holder should know the 4 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) number to access the card.

→ The PIN number is the unique number linked to the ATM card. The ATM card is accessible only by entering the correct PIN number.
→ You could use any ATM which would accept your card. But using other bank ATMs for more than the limited number of times in a month result in the deduction of charges from the account.

Steps to Know Balance with ATM card:
1. Insert your ATM card into an ATM.
2. Select Your Language
2. Type in your PIN on the machine.
3. Select "Savings" or "Current" account.
3. Look for the menu that gives you options such as "Mini Statement", "Balance Enquiry", "Withdrawal" and so on.
4. Select or touch on option "Balance Enquiry"
5. A Pop-Up window asks if you require a receipt for the transaction. This is optional and could either select "Yes" or "No".
6. On selecting or touching "Yes" the account balance is displayed on the screen as well as you would receive a printed receipt of the balance.
7. On selecting or touching "No" the account balance is displayed on the screen and no printed receipt is received.

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