How to Change Domain Name for a Hosting Account?

How to Change Domain Name for a Hosting Account?

Domain Swapping

Domain swap is changing the domain name for a hosting account. Refer the simple tutorial explains you with the step by step procedure on how to change domain name for a hosting account.

Step 1: Go to the link Enter your username and password.
Client Login Step1
Step 2: Go to Order → MyInvoices as shown in the below image.
Client Login Step2
Step 3: Choose the hosting account you have to change the domain name and click on Other Requests option provided below to your hosting account.
Step 4: Click on the check box Modify Domain Name and submit.
Domain Swap1
Step 5: You will get a dialogue box. Enter the new domain name you have to change and accept the terms and condition as shown. Click on Swap button.
Domain Name Changing Charges
Step 6: Information for domain name change request is shown in the Other Request option link.
Domain Swap4
Step 7: Your request will be sent to our support team and you will get notification within few minutes about domain swapping. You can also check the new domain name in the Active link and expired domain in the Expired link.

Note : Domain swapping can be done Free of cost within 10 days of registration. After that, you will be charged Rs. 118. Proceed to your payment and check out the new domain name for your hosting.

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