How to Cancel Order in Myntra?

How do you cancel myntra online order?

Cancel Your Purchse Order in Myntra

Myntra is an one of the largest e-commerce shopping website in India. It is head-quartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It is found on 2007 by the graduates of Indian Institute of Technology. The e-shopping site sells products like T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, calendars, watches, teddy bears, pendants, wine glasses and jigsaw puzzles. When you placed an order by mistake or you no longer wish to get the product, you can easily cancel the order before it reached you. This tutorial would help you know how to cancel order in Myntra.
How To Cancel Order In Myntra
Step 1:
Login to Go to My Orders.
How To Cancel Order In Myntra Step1
Step 2: Here you can see all your Orders. Just click Cancel Order.
How To Cancel Order In Myntra Step2
Step 3: In the Cancel Order page, select the Reason for Cancellation and give some Additional Remarks. Click Confirm button.
How To Cancel Order In Myntra Step3
Step 4: You order has been cancelled.
How To Cancel Order In Myntra Step4

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