How to Calculate Watts or Wattage?

How do you calculate watts or wattage?

Calculate Wattage from Voltage and Current

Watt or Wattage is the SI unit of Power. It is expressed as W. 1 watt is equivalent to the work done at the rate of one joule per second. In simple, Watts are a measurement of electric power, which is described as the rate at which electricity is being used by an appliance at a specific time period. The number of watts is equal to amps multiplied by volts. The amount of electricity used to measure in terms of ampere (or amps). The force or the pressure of electricity is measured in terms of Voltage (or volts). Hence, watts are sometimes called volt-amps. For example, a 15-watt LED light bulb draws 15 watts of electricity at any moment when it is turned on.
How To Calculate Watts
Let us learn here how to calculate watts with simple example.
W = A X V
W is Wattage or Watts
A is Ampere or Amps
V is Voltage or Volts
Watts Formula
Consider an example. Calculate watts for a current of 5 amps and voltage is 210 volts.
Step 1:
Consider the given values,
Current in Ampere = 5 amps
Voltage = 210 volts
How To Calculate Watts Step1
Step 2: Applying the values in the formula,
Wattage (Power) = Ampere x Volts
Wattage (Power) = 5 x 210
Wattage (Power) = 1050 watts
How To Calculate Watts Step2
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