How to Calculate The Volume of a Pyramid

Tutorial on how to calculate volume of pyramid with simple examples.

Pyramid Volume Calculation Formula

Volume refers to the total amount of space occupied inside the three dimensional object. Pyramids volume is measured using the cubic units( in3,ft3,cm3,m3 , etc.,). Make sure that all the measurements are in the same unit. Go through our simple step by step tutorial to learn how to calculate the volume of a pyramid.
How To Calculate Volume Of Pyramid
Pyramid Volume Calculation Formula:
Volume of a Pyramid = 1/2 × Base Area × Height
Volume Of Pyramid Formula
Pyramid Volume Example:
Step 1:
Consider a pyramid has a height of 8 cm and base area of 12cm.
Height - 8 cm
Base Area - 12cm
Volume Of Pyramid Example
Step 2: Substitute the values in the formula.
Volume of a Pyramid = 1/2 × Base Area × Height
=1/2 x 12 x 8
=96/2= 48
Therefore, the volume of the pyramid is 48cm3
Pyramid Volume Example Calculation

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