How to Calculate Taper Angle?

Short tutorial to learn how to calculate taper angle with a neat example.

Taper Angle Calculation

Taper means to become smaller or narrower towards one end. It refers to a piece of material or a hole where its diameter decreases compared to diameter on other end, for eg: Cone. Taper is usually represented as Taper per Foot (TPF), or Taper per Inch (TPI). It is commonly expressed in terms of difference in diameter at the opposite ends of the taper and the length of the taper center axis. It is the central angle of the taper calculated from taper percentage or based on number of different type of tapers. Learn how to calculate the taper angle from this simple step by step tutorial.
Taper Angle
Taper = (dl - ds) / Length
Taper Angle = atan(0.5 x Taper)

Taper Angle Formula
How To Calculate Taper Angle?
Step 1: Consider a 30 inch taper with the taper length of 0.50 inch. The smaller and larger diameter of the taper is 6 inch and 12 inch respectively. What would be the taper angle?
Taper Length - 0.50 inch
Smaller Diameter(ds) - 6 inch
Larger Diameter(dl) - 12 inch
Taper Angle Step1
Step 2: To find the taper angle, its important to know taper value. To find taper substitute the values in formula.
Taper = (dl - ds) / Length
= (12 - 6) / 0.50
= 6 / 0.50
= 12

Taper Angle Step2
Step 3:
We have taper value here. So we can find the Taper angle.
Taper Angle = atan(0.5 x Taper)
= atan (0.5 x 12)
= atan(6)
Taper angle = 1.4056 radians or 80.5377 degrees.
atan or arctan is nothing but the inverse of the tan function.

Taper Angle Step3
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