How to Calculate SSLC (10th) Percentage?

How do you calculate SSLC (10th) Percentage?

Find SSLC Percentage

A percentage is a dimensionless number or ratio expressed as a fraction of 100. It is denoted using the percent sign, "%". It is basically a numerical representation of the value of one number as compared with an other number. Here is a simple tutorial to learn how to calculate the percentage of marks scored in SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) which is the 10th standard examinations conducted in many states in India including Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
How To Find Sslc Percentage

SSLC Percentage = (Total Marks in Subjects) / Number of Subjects
Sslc Percentage Formula
Example: Let us consider the State Platform for Common School System (Samacheer Kalvi) of Tamil Nadu. The subjects in this platform are Tamil, English, Maths, Science and Social Science. Let us assume a student has scored marks in SSLC as given below.
Step 1: Consider the given values,
Tamil - 89
English - 72
Maths - 85
Science - 86
Social Science - 9
How To Calculate Sslc Percentage Step1
Step 2: Substituting the values in the formula,
SSLC percentage = (89 + 72 + 85 + 86 + 92) / 5
= 424/5
= 84.8 %
How To Calculate Sslc Percentage Step2
Therefore, the percentage of marks scored by the student given in the above example is 84.8 %.

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