How to Calculate Square Feet of Square

How to Calculate Square Feet of a Square Room, House, Box?

Calculate Square Footage of a Square Room/House

Square Feet or (Square Foot - plural) is a unit used for measuring the area and which can be expressed as sq ft. Here is a simple tutorial with an example to calculate the square footage of a square. The calculation to find the sq ft here can be used to measure the square feet of a square box, room, house, window etc.,
How To Calculate Square Feet Of Square
The Square Footage of an area either square or rectangle can be calculated by multiplying the length and breadth of the area. For a square, all sides are equal and hence multiplying the length of a side twice gives the square foot of the square.
Square Feet of Square = l x b (or) l2 or b2
l = Length
b = Breadth
Square Feet Of Square Formula
Step 1: Consider the below example:
For a square with dimension of 4 foot on a side, we are required to calculate the Square Foot of the square. Since all sides in a square are equal, both the length (l) and breadth (b) will be the same.
Squarefeet Of Square Calculation Step1
Step 2:Applying the values in the formula:
Square Feet of Square = 4 x 4
= 16 Sq. Ft.
Squarefeet Of Square Calculation Step2
Hence it is calculated that for a given square of 4 foot on a side, there are 16 squares of 1 foot each (16 Sq. Ft.)

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