How to Calculate Square Footage of Circle?

How to Calculate Square Feet/Footage of a Circle?

Square Feet of Circle Calculation

The Square Feet of a circle is just the area of the circle measured in square feet. That is to determine how much squares of 1 feet could be allocated within the area of the circle or in other words converting the area of circle as squares of 1 feet.Here is a simple tutorial with an example to calculate the square feet of a Circle.
Htc Sqcircle
The Square Footage of circle could be determined by the same formula as the area of the circle, provided the dimension of the radius is measured in foot. Hence, square feet of circle or the area of circle in square feet is 3.1416 (π) times the radius (in feet) squared,
Square Feet of Circle = πR2
R = Radius of Circle
Square Feet Of Circle Formula
Step 1: Consider the below example:
Consider a circle with radius of 3 foot. We are required to calculate the Square Foot of the circle.
Square Feet Of Circle Example
Step 2: Applying the Values in the Formula:
Square Feet of Circle = 3.1416 x 32
= 28.27 Sq. Ft.
Square Feet Of Circle Calculation
Hence it is calculated that for a given circle of 3 foot radius, there are 28.27 squares of 1 feet each (28.27 Sq. Ft.) are present.

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