Slope Calculation

How do you find slope of a line from two points?

How to Find Slope of a Line Given Two Points?

Slope is a number that is used to describe the direction and the steepness of a line. It is usually denoted by the letter "m". It is also known as the gradient of a line. It can be calculated using the two coordinate points in a plane.
How To Calculate Slope
Formula to Find Slope of a Line:
Slope (m) = (y2 - y1) / (x2 - x1)
(x1,x2) = X Coordinates
(y1,y2) = Y Coordinates
Slope Formula
Step by Step Slope Calculation
Consider the two co-ordinate points (x1,y1) is (2,5) and (x2,y2) is (3,7). Find the slope of a line.
Step 1: Lets consider the given values,
(x1,y1) = (2,5)
(x2,y2) = (3,7)
How To Find Slope Step 1
Step 2: Substituting the values in the formula,
= (7 - 5 ) / (3 - 2)
= 2 / 1
= 2
Hence, the slope (m) of the two given points is 2.
How To Find Slope Step 2

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